Welcome to Wild India !

Compass India Inc. specialize in tailor made safaris to see and photograph tigers, Lions, Birds, leopard and other nature and wildlife tours in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

India is truly incredible, It is heaven on earth for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. With a civilization more than 5,000 years old, with five seasons every year, with a festival every day, with incredible variety of terrain including beaches on its 7516 km coastline, with its 89 National Parks and 488 Wildlife Sanctuaries,

26 amazing World Heritage Sites, 13 Ramsar Sites ( plus Six New ) and 13 Biosphere Reserves, India is indeed a paradise. In addition to its birdsand animals, India also boasts of over 20,000 species of insects, 2,000 species of butterfly, 142 species of frogs and over 700 species of fish.

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